Mizuno Contender Japanese Food Streets "Oden"
The Contender was originally produced in 1995, the Mizuno Contender offers design cues characteristic of its sister Mondo Control, introduced around the same time. Designed with a nylon upper and synthetic leather and suede overlays, this retro low-top sneaker offers...
€109.00 €76.30
Mizuno Sky Medal "Saru"
€135.00 €94.50
Mizuno Sky Medal "Saru"
Mizuno takes a dip in Japanese history with a shoe inspired by the animals that populated its folklore. The artist and illustrator Kentarou Tanaka collaborated on this pack, giving it that dreamlike and contemporary touch typical of his art. Particular...
€135.00 €94.50
Mizuno City Wind White/Bolt
MIZUNO City Wind is a 90s basketball style shoe. This shoe has undergone a treatment to give it its vintage look. 2 pairs of laces are provided, one white and one yellow both treated for a vintage effect. Upper : Leather Linning...
€110.00 €88.00
Mizuno Sky Medal Premium
This sturdy shoe from Mizuno combines premium material construction with cloud-like comfort in the sole, a sleek, well-rounded silhouette that can be worn all day / all night. The layered upper uses a blend of mesh and thick suede cuts...
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