The brand Vagabond was first born in Sweden 1973. The foundation of today’s Vagabond Shoemakers happened twenty years later. Ever since the start the vision has been to be a global fashion brand within shoes, for the fashion and quality driven consumer.

During the 80’s the founders got busy learning about shoes and started to apply their design philosophy on-site, close to the best available skills within shoemaking in Portugal and Italy. During this time, Vagabond is truly acknowledged by the bigger audience and the first bestsellers hit the market.

After initially being a pure men's shoe brand, they consciously focused on extending the fashion of women's shoes. This was accomplished through new unisex shoes and boots that the Scandinavian market had never seen before! In the 1990s they explored new and larger markets and added further iconic shoe styles, which are still important archival references in the design process today.

At first, a handful of people ran the show. Today there are about 500 qualified people, all involved in the process of creating high quality shoes for the modern wanderer who is concerned with style and a sustainable lifestyle.

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