Our shop was established in 2013 under the name Kiss, Polly La Spezia in collaboration with the namesake of Genoa store. Since October 1, 2016 we changed the sign of the store in Way Side Shop, name came naturally from the fact that the store was located in a side street of La Spezia. We changed the sign but not our ideas and our Brand. In summer 2019 we moved the shop to one of the main pedestrian streets of the city center.

Way Side Shop is a clothing store, shoes, men's and women's accessories.

Go to the discovery of new and emerging research Brand to match them to those who are among the best known in the fashion world streetwear and underground. In our store you will find a selection of items for a casual fashion and streetwear inspired by Scandinavian design and metropolitan trends Londoners and American.

The store comes with designer items placed in the context of a minimalist décor and environmentally sustainable, designed to better represent the world of the fashion industry while remaining tied to what is the conception Scandinavian and North European in general.

Way Side Shop aims to be an innovative clothing store, attentive not only to the fashion industry but also to art, music and design, organizing events and exhibitions within their store.