Began as a stand alone retail store in Aarhus Denmark in 1997 has since developed into an international fashion brand. Minimum is the result of a desire to design clothes that is accessible yet fashionable with a keen eye for detail, quality, and fit.

Not backed by any big corporation they are still a proud and independent business spearheaded by they founder and owner Peder Tang. While aiming to maintain the international outlook and constantly raise the ambitions, they pride ourselves by remaining firmly rooted to the ground and to home town of Aarhus.

Minimum is quintessentially bridging they rich nordic heritage with a minimalistic approach to design. With the magic happening in the crossfire just before niche trends become commercial, they pride ourselves by following subcultures and translating the essences into fashion just before they become mainstream.

The collections are characterized by being fashionable at an affordable price point without compromising quality. Always in style and with a global outlook on tendencies.
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